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Analysis on Development Trend of China metal stamping die
Aug 15, 2017

Analysis on Development Trend of China metal stamping die

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Technology-intensive metal stamping die is one of mold production areas in recent years, domestic development more rapid industry has been gradually showing a high-end, large-scale, sophisticated development trend, promoting the mold manufacturing power China has become an important force.

The current development of domestic stamping die industry characteristics significantly, large, sophisticated, complex products become the industry mainstream technology content will continue to improve, continue to shorten the manufacturing cycle, stamping parts processing mold production will continue to work towards information technology, digital, fine, high-speed and automation direction, the industry overall strength and core competitiveness significantly enhanced.

Domestic stamping die has had the strength to replace imported equipment

Cheap China stamping mold popular in the international market, domestic stamping dies occupy an important position in the second mold total import and export of our country. The percentage of stamping die mold total imports and exports were 40.33% and 25.12%, has become one of the major exporters of the international field of stamping dies.

Metal stamping die domestic industry is constantly catch up with world advanced level, continued to narrow the technology gap with the developed countries, many domestic precision stamping dies and imported products have been able to match the main performance, significantly improve the overall level of the industry, not only to achieve import substitution, further a considerable part of the production exported to the United States, Japan and other industrialized countries and regions. At present, precision stamping dies are actively into the international arena, participating in international competition.

Although the developed countries there is still a gap, but according to the current development of the domestic industry prompted the next few years, the domestic industry will achieve catch stamping die, mold industry for promoting the development of the domestic backbone to enhance the industry's overall technological level, promote domestic mold industry towards high-end, precision, large-scale, complex development.