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China the automotive stamping die design and technology development status and prospects
Aug 15, 2017

China the automotive stamping die design and technology development status and prospects

In recent years, China's stamping die has been greatly improved. Been able to produce a single set of large stamping die mold weight of over 50 ton cover mold for the mid-range sedan supporting domestic production. Of stamping dies, however, regardless of the number or already has made significant progress in terms of quality, technology and capacity, the degree of specialization of China's mold industry is still relatively low, the high proportion of mold self-production and distribution. Foreign mold self from with the proportion of 30%, of stamping dies with the proportion of self-production and 60%. Stamping mold distribution of production capacity due to the high proportion of self with basically follows the distribution of the production capacity of the stampings. However, as China molds pointed out that the car cover mold with a higher degree of specialization and multi-station, multi-functional precision die distribution of professional production enterprise does not follow the the stampings ability distribution and distribution, and often depends on a major investor in the decision-making. Example large automotive panel die in Sichuan, Jiangsu strong precision die and mold users tend not locally.

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With the continuous improvement of the quality of industrial products, stamping products are showing more variety, less bulk, complex, large-scale, fine dense, replacement fast changes in the characteristics of stamping dies Forward efficient, precise, long-life, the direction of large-scale development. Steam car cover mold development focus is the high technical requirements of luxury cars in large and medium-sized cover mold, especially outside the coverage of mold with High strength plate and thick plate stamping die ranging and large multi-position progressive die, continuous mode in the future there will be rapid development.

China mold understands, multi-function, multi-position progressive die development focused on high-precision, high efficiency and large-scale, high life expectancu progressive Die. The focus of development of precision die in large slab precision die precision die, and continue to improve its accuracy.

The 21st century has entered the information age, the rapid development of the information age, the mold industry and enterprise development must grasp generation of pulse, consciously take the initiative to adjust their own technical structure. Traditional mold design and manufacturing technology with the application of advanced high-tech technology, the technical content of the mold will gradually improve, the modern industrial enterprise management technologies will also gradually behalf on behalf of a workshop-style management mode. After decades of hard work, of stamping die design and manufacturing capacity has reached a high water level, including information engineering and virtual technology many modern design and manufacturing techniques have been applied in many mold companies. Although such this, of stamping die design and manufacturing capabilities and the needs of the market and still lags behind the international advanced level.

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Around the trial of auto body, large cover mold manufacturing in recent years, the emergence of a new rapid prototyping method. For example, has started production of the multi-point applications such as molding and laser shock and electromagnetic forming technology. They are showed advantages reduce costs and improve efficiency. Mainly in high-end cars and medium-sized car cover mold high-precision dies, both in the design process and capacity, there is a wide gap. Car cover mold with the design and manufacture of difficult, high quality and precision requirements, the representative of the level of cover mold.

Although basically reached the international level in the design and manufacturing methods and means, the mold structure and function are also close to the international level, the sedan mold localization process forward a step, but in manufacturing quality, accuracy, and manufacturing cycle, with abroad, there is still a gap compared. Car cover mold manufacturing technology is constantly improve and perfect, high-precision, high-Effective use of the processing equipment is more extensive. China Mould Network pointed out, high-performance five-axis high speed milling machines and high-speed three-axis milling application of the bed has been more and more. NC, DNC technology more and more mature, inclination processing and super finishing. 

This some have improved mold surface machining accuracy, and to improve the quality of the mold to shorten the manufacturing cycle of the mold.


In order to improve the life of the stamping die mold surface of a variety of reinforced superhard processing technology is the focus of development. For mode with digital manufacturing, system integration, reverse engineering, rapid prototype / mold manufacturing and computer-aided technology shaped into a full range of solutions, mold development and engineering services, and comprehensively improve the corporate level and the quality of the mold, this is more of stamping mold technology development focus.

Structure diagram of the die-casting mold mold CAD / CAM technology to significantly shorten mold design and manufacturing cycle, reduce production costs, to mention high product quality. Rapid Prototyping (RP) is combined with the rapid economic mold, rapid manufacturing large car cover mold, Solve the original low melting point alloy mold by sample casting molds, parts precision sample making difficult problem to three dimensional CAD model as a basis molding mold manufacture, and precision parts. And development, to take various effective design measures, injection mold graduation. Struggle under the joint efforts of all the workers of the stamping die industry, our stamping die will continue to raise the level, and gradually narrow the gap with the world advanced level.

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