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Hot runner technology vent points
Nov 11, 2016

Hot runner technology, filling and flow simulation, and mold manufacturing and heat production in collaboration with experts, plastics processing machines for campers will be skylights production to develop a set of internal design. Injection moulded of rigidity and thermal deformation is list the two most important features of demand. Injection mold parts manufacturers face a persistent question is whether it has produced with dimensional accuracy and ability of thermal deformation characteristics of two-dimension parts. Germany Kiel Obispo MPK companies every day to deal with the parts. MPK caravan industry Cap committed to product development, production and sales. In addition, the MPK all conventional materials can also be processed into high-quality technology of injection mould, like PC, PA, PBT, POM, ABS and PP etc, and for different markets, reinforced and non-reinforced to produce the mold.