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Metal Fabrication VS Metal Stamping
Jul 26, 2017

Benefits and Disadvantages of Precision Fabrication

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Metal fabrication offers a high degree of flexibility and greater agility in prototyping and

adjusting product features after a manufactured part is in production. Identifying a

supplier that can also provide in-house support for a wide range of secondary operations

(forming, machining, assembly and robotic welding) can reduce both total costs and

production lead times.

Benefits of Metal Fabrication

Precision fabrication offers a wide range of production techniques to create

value-added metal parts that can be customized to exact customer specification

Initial production lead times are shortened. Rapid prototyping moves the

design-to-production cycle quickly from concept and solid models to first parts

Flexibility is inherent in the process and enables the ability to easily and

quickly implement design changes to a part. Design changes are more cost

effective than with other production techniques. Laser Cutting/Shearing/Waterjet Cutting

A variety of effective techniques can be used to cut raw sheet materials to size


Continued advances in multi-axis press brakes offer CNC

programmable controls, computerized back gauging and rapid set-up.

Precision control and repeatability are benefiting and this is being

applied to a greater range of formed metal parts. The culmination of

technology, equipment and expertise are resulting in new and

creative solutions using press brakes


CNC controlled machining, palletized production feed systems, and

advances in machine tooling are allowing for more exacting surfaces

and efficient production of tight tolerances.


Formed and machined parts are assembled and joined together, then

checked for accuracy. Robotic welding provides for an automated

process with a high degree of accuracy