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Performance analysis of automobile mould fittings
Nov 11, 2016

1. chemical stability: the vast majority of plastics are good acid, alkali, salt, water, and gas properties, under normal conditions, they do not react with these substances. 2. high strength and stiffness: the absolute strength of plastics than metal, but less dense plastic, so strength (σ b/ρ), stiffness (e/ρ) is quite high. Especially in various high-strength fibers, flakes and powdered metal or non-metallic fillers, made of reinforced plastic, its high specific strength and stiffness than the metal. 3. density: density of plastic, to reduce the weight and energy-saving machinery and equipment is of great significance, particularly for vehicles, ships, aircraft, spacecraft, the universe. 4. good electrical insulation, heat insulation, must sound.