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Prospects for the development of automobile die
Aug 15, 2017

Prospects for the development of automobile die

In China automobile die, Chinese rapid development of automobile industry has a broad space for the development of the domestic automobile mould. In addition, due to the factors of cost and market in developed countries die manufacturing focus gradually shift to Chinese as the representative of the developing countries. Factors both at home and abroad to promote the rapid development of the domestic automobile die industry, there have been a lot of emerging automotive die enterprise. According to statistics, the key mold enterprise China 2012 reach nearly 110. Among them, the stamping die accounted for about 37%, Chinese has become be worthy of the name of automobile die manufacturing.

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Automobile mold production capacity in China very in the world, but, because of technological upgrading the domestic high-end automotive die enterprise technology innovation ability and slow, mold the development of new technologies and application ability shortage and other reasons, resulting in the domestic high-end mold development ability still can not fully meet the requirements of the domestic auto industry, high-end automobile mould still a large part of the need to rely on imports. So a major shortcoming of domestic automobile die industry need as soon as possible to make up for the short board of China automobile die industry.

China automobile industry as Chinese ten revitalization of industry, national policy support, coupled with the car to the countryside to promote China, each big automobile enterprises increase production, in 2012 China auto output more than 19000000 vehicles, keeping the global sales in the first position. Luo Baihui said, making ordinary car itself will need about 1500 die, stamping die, close to 1000 and more than 200 of the mould. Influenced by the rapid development of China's automobile industry, China automobile die industry is showing rapid growth, expanding market capacity. According to the calculation of the day, the automobile industry the level of the developed countries, the proportion in 2015 China mold service in the automotive manufacturing industry can reach 40%, is China automobile die industry in 2015 the total sales of up to 70000000000 yuan.

With the promotion of China's automobile production year by year, domestic and foreign automobile mould enterprises exhibition in Chinese auto market skill, to some extent to meet the domestic demand and export demand hot, but also for China's automobile die industry upgrading to create a good opportunity. Visible, automotive tooling industry in China has broad prospects.


                         Reviewing the course of development of automobile mould in China

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In the Twelfth Five Year Plan mould industry has made clear, the future automobile die industry to develop to high, fine, sharp direction, which put forward higher requirements to the current development of China's automobile die. Review the way the dribs and drabs, auto mould China experienced a leap in the development of the times.

According to experts, automobile mould in our country started almost synchronous, since the 50's Changchun First Automobile Works after the commencement of the project, had not stopped the pace. In twenty-first Century, China automobile die industry has experienced great development. Mould design and manufacture is difficult, quality and high precision requirement of the car cover, is the best embodiment of automobile mould level. After years of development, our country at present for the automotive service mold has been accounted for about 1/3 of the output of all the dies, this shows the important role in automobile die mould industry and automobile industry. Especially the automobile panel dies, is directly related to the vehicle, so it is important.