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Car Seat Component Stamping Die To Honda Made In China Die Factory

Car Seat Component Stamping Die To Honda Made In China Die Factory

Stamping die export to Mexico. It is a car seat component of Honda made in China stamping tool factory POWSTAR. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, Powstar will provide you high quality stamping tools.

Product Details

Car seat component stamping die to Honda made in China die factory

Stamping Die Description:

Die export to Mexico,  

Tool type: Car seat component stamping tool  

Car model: Honda    

The part have CAM Shaved + Pierce   

Shaved trim tolerance +/-0.05mm  

Material Spec: JSC270C  T=1.2mm   

Tool size: 2200*1100*600

Company introduction: 

POWSTAR Group is a "China Hi-tech Enterprise" that established in 1998. The Headquarter is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen City. With 19 years of accumulated experience and continuous improvement of quality control, POWSTAR has become a large scale and competitive International Brand, as well as a reliable strategic partner of Worldwide top companies. 

To get started working with Powstar stamping die tooling, request a quote today! You can also contact us to receive more information about our design and build capabilities for metal stamping dies.

Company advantages:


Shipping stamping dies:

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