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China Auto Parts Die Maker

China Auto Parts Die Maker

Powstar specialized in designing and building the stamping toolings for the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1998 . The products include the toolings and some parts for Wheel house, A/B pillars, Chassis, Cradle, Doors, Roof, Fender, Oil pan, Seating, Underbody, Front Cover Hinge; Exhaust Pipes ; Bumper beam ; Header ; Roof Rail,Window/Door Frames ; Rear Light; Reinforcement, Beam ; Shield; Absorber and so on, mainly serving the European and American Markets. Our clients include the renowned Tier-1s and OEMs in the global automotive industry, such as GM,BOSCH,Audi,BMW,Honda,Volvo,Gestamp, Ford,Toyota,Jaguar, Nissan,,Magna etc.

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China auto parts die maker

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Powstar Incoming material: 

After die design confirmation, the material procurement starts immediately. We have the best material suppliers that have passed our strict screening and worked together for more than 15 years. All raw materials must comply with the material certification standards, and will be tested before entering our factory, to ensure that steel materials of your project are of high quality and standard.


Main material for American projects:

Tool steel: A2, D2, O1, all with incoming inspection report and certificates

Guide bushings/Posts/Gas Springs: Dadco; Retainers/Punches and Buttons: Dayton.

Main Material for European Projects.

Upper Die Shoes, Lower Die Shoes: FC300 ; Punch Back Plate : O1 ; Punch PlateS45C;

Stripper Plater : 1.2379 ; Die Plate : 1.2379; Punches and Die Button : 1.2379

Guide Bushes and Posts: Fibro ; Brand of Gas Spring: Kaller. Punch Retainers, Punches and Button : Fibro.

Powstar Tool Packaging&Shipping: 

The tools will be shipped in strong export wooden packing with steel protectors fixed outside to ensure all the tools are in good condition on arrival to your facility safely and quickly.

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