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China Custom Metal Stamping Die With Long Duration

China Custom Metal Stamping Die With Long Duration

POWSTAR fully automated progressive and transfer press lines run from 100 tons to 1250 tons. OEM & ODM service can offered you ,just need your requirements and drawings .excellent service and competitive service will provided to you

Product Details

China custom metal stamping die with long duration

quick detals :

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Product:metal stamping 

  • die type: progressive die    

  • quality: ISO9001:2008 

company :


POWSTAR group is a "China Hi-tech Enterprise "that establishes in 1998.Since POWSTAR have founded become one of the leading high precision tool & die maker of China .

feature of our die easy operated, smooth running with stability,  long duration, top quality 



1- Once project approved, how Powstar team handle the projects together?

After the orders are finalized, a dedicated team of professional engineers, project manager, QA manager, QC manager and production controller staff will established. Also, sales department will always keep an eye on it.

2- How POWSTAR control the quality?

Material inspection: QC will make sure only the best quality of material is used. Steel certification will be provided.

-Tool design inspection: All tool designs and 2D/3D tool drawings must be approved by the clients with the layout in the beginning. CAE analysis if needed also can provide.

-During tooling process: Our technicians have high training and experience in using state-of-the-art equipment to maintain high precision and quality levels.

-Assembly: Our staff has abundant experience about the assembling delicate or intricate components to ensure all parts are put together with care and skill.

-Before shipment: All tools components are tested and checked to ensure they pass our rigorous quality standards.

-Advanced measuring equipment: We use CMM(USA), digital caliper (JAPAN), outside diameter caliper, various microscopes etc. advanced equipment to maintain the levels of accuracy.

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