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China High Quality Stamping Dies For High Volume Metal Parts

China High Quality Stamping Dies For High Volume Metal Parts

With over 19 years continuous development in stamping die industry, POWSTAR Group has become one of the leader die makers in China. High quality is the basis of Powstar's success. Please contact Amanda if you are in need of stamping dies.

Product Details

China high quality stamping dies for high volume metal parts

Company introduction:

Powstar Group is one of the leading stamping die makers in China. With over 19 years history, Powstar develops itself to a large scale factory with a staff of 200 people in the stamping die facility. There are more than 30 high skilled engineers and most of them have over 15 years experience. Especially for the famous brands customers' projects, they know well of their general standard.

Stamping Die description:

Material:Carbon Tool Steel

Processing Method:Forming Mould

Technics:Forming Die

Process Combination:Progressive Die

Manufacturing Technology:Automation Technology

Driving Motor Type:Pneumatic

Mold Cavity Technology:CNC Milling

Milling Speed:Normal Speed

Parts Detection Method:CMM/2D/Checking Fixture

Progressive Die: 1 out


Strip Size:3.2T*230W*150P

Tooling Size:860W*2320L*700.2H


Utilization of material:34.8%

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