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Car component Tool Case - B-Pillar

Car component Tool Case - B-Pillar

China Stamping Tool and die - B-Pillar case Powstar group has been an leader for 19 years in metal stamping tool&die industry. Main market: North America—US, CANADA, MEXICO Europe—Germany, UK, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Asia—India, Japan, Thailand, domestic market End...

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Car component Tool Case - B-Pillar

These are tooling cases we cooperated with a OEM customer. The commet we received from them: " Powstar tools are easy to operation and maintain with a long duration".

Here are some tools and parts pics for your review, for more infomation, please send inquiry to us!

Car part tooling - B-Pillar.jpg

CAE analyse of B-Pillar part.jpg

CAE analysed by Powstar B-Pillar.jpg

Fixture of B-Pillar Car part.jpg

Tools ready for shipping.jpg

Tool tryout  - B-Pillar.jpg

Transfer Tool and die  - B-Pillar.jpg

Contact us to day, Powstar excellent team will give you support immediately!

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