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Stamping Tool - Mercedes Benz Case

Stamping Tool - Mercedes Benz Case

China Stamping Tool and die - Mercedes Benz case Powstar group has engaged for 19 years in metal stamping tool&die industry. Main market: North America—US, CANADA, MEXICO Europe—Germany, UK, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Asia—India, Japan, Thailand, domestic market End...

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China Stamping Tool and die  - Mercedes Benz case

Powstar has been an industry leader in metal stamping tool market. We served many customers from all over the world, such as USA, Mexico, UK, Spain, Germany, Japan, India...

Here is a case we made tools for a customer, the end customer is Mercedes Benz.

Send inquiry to us, if you have any question.

stamping tool and Die Benz case.jpg

stamping tool for Benz part.jpg

Single hit stamping tool for Benz.jpg

tool and Die for Benz - Car Steel part.jpg

tool and Die for car component Benz10.jpg

China stamping tool and Die for Benz.jpg

Benz steel part sample.jpg

Benz component medium size.jpg

stamping Die out parts for Benz.jpg

Benz car parts overview.jpg

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