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China Stamping Tool Manufacturer China Engine Parts

China Stamping Tool Manufacturer China Engine Parts

China Engine Parts manufacturer Tool And Die Maker Since founded in 1998, Powstar has grown to be a large-scale and competitive international brand. High quality with most competitive price is the foundation of our continuous success and high reputation in both china and overseas. Reputation:...

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China Engine Parts manufacturer Tool And Die Maker

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1.Try-out: We will do the try out after we make the tools, the T1 samples will be checked strictly. 

If the samples are not OK, we will adjust or fix the mold and then have try out again till it can work well.

2.Parameter: We will provide you with the parameters when we do the try-out,  so you can easily adapt these data on your side. The tool can work at your facility just as fine as it can work here in our workshop.

3. Tooling Design: Our experienced tooling design experts have more than 15 years experiences, they know very well how to design and make tools for smooth production and easy maintains with long run.

4. Problem Solving: For any main issues or new problems found during the production and can not be easily solved in your local facilities, our engineer experts will be sent there for trouble shooting in time.

5.Excellent Service: For any project-related issues, we will response timely. We are available in 24 hours and all our project members are good at English. For me, I will always keep an eye on your project closely, available online 24 hours non-stop.

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