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China Tandem Tool Factory Stamped Parts Manufacturer

China Tandem Tool Factory Stamped Parts Manufacturer

Automotive metal stamping manufacturer Progressive Die suppliers from China Our CNC programmers have over 10 years of programming experience. They utilize the latest CAD software to create accurate programs that are fed directly to our Wire-Cut EDMs and CNC machining centers, without operator...

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China Tandem Tool factory Stamped Parts manufacturer

We know how to design tools to ensure tool precision, product quality, stability and easy operation and maximize material utilization, smooth and 

stable production in your factory with long duration are 100% guaranteed for all tools.

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Assembly: After the die components are finished and qualified with CMM inspection, our skilled toolmakers will perform the final tool assembly and fitting. 

They have over 10 years rich experience that are able to find out tool problems from all aspects in a timely and correct manner, and put forward improvement solutions.

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