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Ford Stamping Die Made By China Leading Tool Maker

Ford Stamping Die Made By China Leading Tool Maker

Quality stamping tool with long life:1 million shots Set up time: 2 hours All incoming material with certificates Gauges inspected by 3 party lab

Product Details

Ford Stamping Die Made by China Leading Tool Maker

stamping drawing.jpg

We managed to get the 1700*1300*1000 mm tool ready in 10 weeks by working 3 shifts and 7 days per week.

For 600 T press

Layout with full information:

Feeding direction and height

Punching direction/burr side

Mismatch/free cut/cut off positions and sizes

stamping tool strip layout.jpg

CAE made by Auto Form

stamping CAE made by Powstar.jpg

Tool designed by UG NX 10.0

2 D tool design in Dwg. 3 D tool design in Step

China tool maker in Shenzhen.jpg

Guide pin/bushings: Danly

Gas springs: Kaller

Round punch with Ball-lock, Misumi

Tool steel: SKD 11, D2

Shipped with Gage

End customer: Ford Truck

Position of the vechile: Seating

Tooling progress chart.jpg

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