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Hardware Transfer Mould For Car Stamping Metal Parts

Hardware Transfer Mould For Car Stamping Metal Parts

POWSTAR GROUP design and manufacture stamping die more than 19 years.By providing high-quality tools with competitive price and on time delivery, Dozens of metal stampers like you have already developed to a much higher level, with the support from Powstar for cost down.

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Hardware Transfer Mould for car Stamping Metal Parts

the industry Powstar served: automotive, home appliance, customer electronics, agriculture, and ext.

main project: stamping die for seat, Hinge, Exhaust pipes, Bumper beam, Header, Daimler Roof rail, B-Pillar, Aluminum parts, Window/door frame.

our brief introduction:

* Design and Engineering: there are over 30 designers and engineers working in our factory. Most of them have more than 15 years experience.
* Tooling and Automation: Die design&build ( progressive stamping die; transfer die; casting die; single die); checking fixtures build; prototyping.
* Stamping Die Tryout: capacity: 100 T to 1250 T presses for trial. Before shipping the tools, they can run at least 2 hours in our plant according to customer's request. 


* Maximum die size: 4500*2000*1200mm; Material thicknesses: 0.2mm (.008") to 6.0mm (.230") steel. 

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