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Metal Part High Precision China Suppliers Custom Stamping Die

Metal Part High Precision China Suppliers Custom Stamping Die

POWSTAR with more than 19 years experience and all project team are familiar with stamping die . if you want to get more profit and excellent service ,send your RFQ to POWSTAR asap .

Product Details

Metal part High precision China suppliers Custom stamping die

Design ability:

Powstar Group has more than 30 design engineers using the latest version of software systems with fully integrated CAD/CAM/CAE technologies,

most of them are with more than 10 years experiences with German standard tools.

Before making the tools, we are very clear about how to design them with the best solution, so as to enable tool precision, 

as well as subsequent smooth running of stable production.

tool design.jpg

POWSTAR designers, engineers, project managers, programmers, technicians and all tool makers are quite familiar with stamping tools.

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