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Progressive Die For Automotive Seating Parts

Progressive Die For Automotive Seating Parts

Tool designed and built for smooth production by our professional team. Customer's press specification and general tooling standard are checked through and total understood.

Product Details

Progressive Die for Automotive Seating Parts

Part Material: 10 Ga.(.134) HR STEEL ASTM A1011 GRADE 33

Material usage: 56.2%

Stamping part drawing China tool maker.jpg

T1stamping samples made by China tool and die maker.jpg

Strip layout design:

Feeding: Right to Left

Feeding height: 317.5 mm

Shut height: 508 mm

Lift height: 75 mm

CAE made by Auto Form

Powstar stamping CAE 1.jpg

Strip layout design Made by Powstar.jpg

Stamping die strip layout design.jpg

Layout design, tool design review and approval: 2 weeks

Material purchasing: 1 week

Machining and Tryout: 6 weeks

T1 to T2 100% OK parts: 3 weeks (including samples review and approval by customer)

China tool maker processing chart.png

Project Gannt

China die maker project gannt.jpg

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