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Progressive Die For Automotive Deflector

Powstar is a professional manufacturer of metal stamping die since the foundation in 1999, we can produce monthly 80 sets medium size tools, including 30 sets of tools if ≥3 meter.  Powstar concentrates on design & manufacture of stamping dies for auto parts, home appliances and consumer electronics. We have rich experience to make progressive dies; tandem dies; transfer dies and casting dies below 1250T press according to customers’standards.  Our clients include the renowned Tier-1s and OEMs in the global automotive industry, such as GM,BOSCH,Audi,BMW,Honda,Volvo,Gestamp, Ford,Toyota,Jaguar, Nissan,,Magna etc.

Product Details

Progressive Die for Automotive Deflector 

Die Type: Progressive Type

Die Size: 1800mm*1500mm

Part Type: EGON GROSSHAU Deflector 

EGON GROSSHAU Deflector Progressive Die

Progressive Die for Deflector 03.jpg

Upper Die

Progressive Die for Deflector 02.jpg

Lower Die 

Progressive Die for Deflector 01.jpg

Powstar Project Management.

For all of your projects, we will have special project team to manage it which include 1 project manager, 2 production

controllers, 2 QA and 2 experienced engineers. Also I will always keep an eye on  your projects, fluent English communication available for 24 hours.

Once PO is placed, we will set up tooling timeline withour customer. After the project kicked off, our program team will have training for the customer's tooling standards, we will submit weekly progress report as per our customer's requirement.

Weekly Progress Report for project.png

Weekly Progress Report for project.pngUsing international brands tool material for better tool quality as well as mentainance replacement.


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