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Progressive Stamping Die For Automotive Assembly Components

Progressive Stamping Die For Automotive Assembly Components

The photo shows a progressive stamping die with above 2 million tool life. It is designed and manufactured by POWSTAR for end customer Honda. Powstar is China's progressive stamping die maker specializing in manufacturing stamping tools for automotive industry.

Product Details

Progressive stamping die for automotive assembly components

Stamping Die description:

1.Project No. 23201716-01&02;

2.End user: Honda

3.Product design Photo: Left & Right

4.Material Utilization: 10 Ga. (0134) HR STEEL ASTM A1011 GRADE 33; 56.2%

5.Strip size: 3.2T*230W*150P

6.Press Tonnage: 400T

7.Tool Size/Weight: 1500*700*500 /1,920 kg

8.Lead time: 8 weeks

Company introduction:

Powstar is an ISO-certificated stamping tool maker with a history of over 19 years. Our service includes progressive stamping die,

deep drawn tool, single tool, prototype tool and small production. We mainly serve automotive industry, home appliance industry and electronic industry.

Our trial press ranges from 100T to 1250T.

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