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Shenzhen High Quality Stamping Tools For Auto Parts

Shenzhen High Quality Stamping Tools For Auto Parts

POWSTAR with more than 19 years experience on metal stamping tool can assist you maximize your profit with high Quality parts. much appreciate your RFQ

Product Details

Shenzhen high quality stamping tools for auto parts

Quick details :

  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen China 

  • Shaping Mode: metal stamping mold

  • Product: Auto parts 

  • Design software:UG NX10, Dynaform, AutoCAD, CATIA,

  • Certification:ISO 9001:2008

Quality control of POWSTAR :

1、Design: do CAE analysis before die design to work out high-quality tools before making the tools

2. Incoming material: All raw materials must comply with the material certification standards, and will be tested before entering our factory

3. Standard parts:  All standard parts we purchase for the tool are original brands as requested by the customer.

4. Tool processing: Our CNC programmers have over 10 years of programming experience. 

5. Assembly: After the die components are finished with qualified CMM inspection, our skilled toolmakers will perform the final tool assembly and fitting. 

6. Debugging: When the tool is finished build, our experienced tuning engineers will set the perfect working condition to ensure that the die works well in the press and can 100% provide quality parts efficiently.

7. Dimension Inspection: After tool try-out, the samples will be sent to do CMM testing by our QC team. All dimensions on the part will be ensured to be 100% good, and samples together with inspection report will be sent to you as soon as possible.

8. Shipping and packaging: The tools will be shipped in strong export wooden packing with steel protectors fixed outside to ensure all the tools are in good condition on arrival to your facility safely and quickly.

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