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Shenzhen Stamping Tool Maker For Automotive Parts

Shenzhen Stamping Tool Maker For Automotive Parts

Powstar is professional stamping tool maker with 19 years history. We have been supporting our customers with most competitive solutions. RFQs with detailed information is welcome.

Product Details

Shenzhen Stamping Tool Maker for Automotive Parts

Tool size: 1300*550*580 mm

Tool weight: 1450 Kg

Part material: ASTM A1011 HR Steel

13 stations, 1 out

Material Utilization: 62%

Die life: 2 million

Press: 250 T

SPM: 35-40

End customer: Ford

T1 lead time: 8 Weeks


Home line tryout and set up available

ISO 9001:2008 certified tool maker in Shenzhen China

19 years history

Engineers/Designers with more than 15 years experience


CAE Software: Auto Form

Design Software: UG NX 10.0

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