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Stamping Die For Auto Parts Manufacturing US Standard Tool Maker

Stamping Die For Auto Parts Manufacturing US Standard Tool Maker

Design and manufactured fully according to metal stamper's general tooling standard and press spec. T1 samples ready in 6 weeks, OK parts ready in 10 weeks Welcome your RFQs to start our cooperation.

Product Details

Stamping Die For Auto Parts Production US Standard Tool Maker

Basic information of the tool:

Progressive die with exchangeble punches.

Material:  Upper Die Shoes, Lower Die Shoes: S50C; Punch Plates: O1 to replace A2; Punch Holders: 4140; Stripper Plates: 4140; Die Plates: 4140; Punches and Die Buttons: D2 to replace A2.

Brand of Guide Bushes and Posts: Dayton; Brand of Gas Springs: Dadco.

Brand of Punch Retainers, Punches and Bottons: Dayton.

Wear Plates, Cams and Guide Lifters made by Powstar.

Part drawing and stations

1.emboss 2.pilot pierce 3.trim 4.trim 5.pierce 6.deburr 7.idle 8.bend up

9.idle 10.bend down 11.idle 12.cut off

Stamping die stations.jpg

CAE analysis

CAE by Autoform.jpg

2 D strip layout

2D Strip layout design for stamping parts.jpg

Physical parts

T1 samples China stamping tool.jpg

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