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3 Factors That Make A Metal Stamping Supplier Great
Aug 04, 2017

3 factors that make a metal stamping supplier great

1) Detailed Technical Information for Services and Capabilities

Naturally, your choice in a metal stamper is only as good as the services and capabilities they offer. Chances are, in addition to metal stamping, you need secondary and/or value added services. So don’t be afraid to ask questions: does the metal stamping provider offer the specific capabilities to meet the requirements of the product? Does the supplier use the latest AutoCAD and EdgeCAM software? What material options are available, and do they offer in-house die design, and product and prototype development?

A supplier who offers all of these services may help speed the product’s delivery time while reducing cost.

2) Capacity in Line with Your Project

You may find that there are several custom metal stampers that offer what you need—but what many people don’t realize is that not all can perform at the capacity required for your particular project. Not every supplier will accept projects of any size, so you should be sure to investigate the supplier’s capacity and make sure they can and will handle your specific capacity needs, for both now and potential future recurring jobs.

3) Established High Quality Practices

At the end of the day, it’s all about quality; this is what sets suppliers apart, and what will, in turn, set you apart. Quality is not something that occurs occasionally, which is why you should look beyond surface-level indicators and discover what quality programs the supplier has in place. Again, ask questions: does the supplier have a quality assurance program? Do they perform regularly scheduled tooling maintenance? What kinds of testing do they conduct? Make sure their practices ensure consistent quality.

These are three important factors to consider when choosing a metal stamping supplier. However, just as metal stamping is multi-faceted, so are the aspects of a great stamper.