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Be More Competitive And Flexible In Metal Stamping Market
Jun 19, 2017


China tool makers usually provide much more competitive tool quotes than US or European tool makers which is a simple proved truth.

If you have never outsourced a tool from China and found it is more difficult to meet your end customers' budget, that's mainly because you are competing with some China sources.

Want to be more flexible? Much more competitive?

Here is a solution:

1. Have Powstar's team check your design feasibility, when necessary, do CAE analysis to avoid potential risks.

CAE 1.jpgCAE2.jpg

2. Get tools designed and built by Powstar's team having more than 15 years experiences at only 1/2 cost.

3. Let Powstar ship the tools directly to your facilities, no additional import or logistic staff are required.

Powstar's shipping forwarder takes good care of the shipping from A to Z.

Customer in mind, Quality in hand.

Send your job and get support from our professional team today.

China Leading Tool Maker with 19 years history-Powstar Group

Author: Arden Wang