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Blow Mold Improved Structural Design
May 12, 2017

Blow mold What are the characteristics of the tray you know?

Blow mold The characteristics of the tray are as follows:

1. Blow mold Cost reduction: blow mold tray High strength, high stiffness blow molding tray Through improved structural design and the use of special blow molding method can greatly improve the stiffness and strength of blow molding tray, and can achieve blow molding tray surface smooth, so as to improve The use of the environment to adapt to the performance and service life; can significantly reduce the use of cost.

2. Blow mold Environmental performance: blow molding tray non-toxic and tasteless, acid and alkali corrosion, easy to clean and disinfect, do not rot, while waste tray can be recycled, in line with environmental requirements.

3. Blow mold Good safety performance: no combustion, no electricity, no static, non-slip, no burr, no other auxiliary connection, to ensure the safety of goods and operators.