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Blowing Mould Forming The Development Trend
Sep 21, 2017

Blowing, here mainly refers to the hollow blow molding (also known as blow molding) is by means of gas pressure to close the mold in the hot melt billet inflation to form hollow products, is the third most commonly used plastic processing methods , But also the development of a faster plastic molding method. Blowing mold only mold (die), compared with the injection molding, equipment, low cost, strong adaptability, good molding performance (such as low stress), can form a complex ups and downs (shape) of the products.

Blowing will be with the market demand for its products, materials, machinery, auxiliary equipment, control systems, software, etc. have the following trends.

(1) raw materials to meet the function of blow molding products, performance (medicine, food packaging) requirements, blow molding grade raw materials will be more abundant, better processing performance. Such as PEN class material, not only high strength, good heat resistance, gas barrier strong, transparent, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, can be applied to blow a variety of plastic bottles, and fill the high temperature, the carbon dioxide gas, oxygen barrier performance, And resistant to chemicals.

(2) products packaging containers, industrial products will have a greater growth, and injection blow molding, multi-layer blow molding will have a rapid development.

(3) blow molding machinery and equipment blow molding machinery precision and efficient; auxiliary production (operation) equipment automation. "Precision and efficient" not only refers to the mechanical equipment in the production process has a high speed and high pressure, and requires the production of products in the appearance of the size of fluctuations and weight fluctuations can achieve high stability, that is, Said the various parts of the production of the size and shape of the shape of high precision, deformation and shrinkage small, the appearance of the product and the inherent quality and production efficiency and other indicators to achieve a higher level. Auxiliary operations include de-flashing, cutting, weighing, drilling, leak detection, etc., the process of automation is one of the development trend.

(4) blow molding simulation of the blow molding mechanism is more in-depth, blow molding simulation of the mathematical model of the rational construction of the numerical algorithm is fast and accurate simulation of the key, blow molding simulation will be in the product quality prediction, control play More and more important role.