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Causes Of Peeling Of Die-casting Mould In Production And Its Solution
Jul 19, 2017

  Causes of Peeling of die-casting mould in Production and Its Solution

  We all know that in the production of die-casting moulds will be a lot of common production problems, the emergence of these problems have greatly affected the production of die-casting effect, for example, the production of peeling problems often occur, the following die-casting mould For example, give you a brief explanation of the reasons for the emergence of peeling in its production and the solution:

  the reason. If there is a problem in the production of die-casting mould peeling, then the cause of this problem there are generally three reasons; First, in the production of filling the bad mode, die-casting mould resulting in overlapping problems of melting soup; Second, the mold in the production of deformation Problem, resulting in melting soup overlap; third in the production of mixed oxide layer.

  Method. If it is the first cause, can be early switch to high speed, shorten the filling time or change the filling mode, gate position, gate speed to be resolved; if it is the second reason, die-casting mould before the production Check whether the mold strength is sufficient and check the pin device is good; if it is the third reason, it is necessary to check before the production to see if the inclusion of oxide layer.

  What is mentioned above is to solve the problem of peeling in the production of die-casting moulds, and to cause some problems of its problems, hoping to help the need for users to better production.