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China's Die-casting Mold Industry Is Developing Rapidly
Jun 22, 2017

  China's die-casting mold industry is developing rapidly, the total output growth significantly, the total output of domestic die-casting mold second only to the United States, has leapt to the world's second, become truly die-casting power. Can be such a result mainly from our country by virtue of the vast market and relatively low resources and labor advantages, has been very significant cost-effective in the international die-casting trade market occupies a greater advantage, according to the situation, the future of China's die-casting industry Development prospects are very broad.

  Although China's die-casting mold in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period has been a major breakthrough. But its international visibility is still behind, the output is also rising, but most of the die-casting mold only for domestic demand. Due to technical constraints make the quality is difficult to break, while some large domestic demand enterprises are also frequently to foreign die-casting mold enterprises out of the olive branch, a serious trade deficit makes the domestic die-casting enterprises difficult.

  In the international die-casting mold market increasingly fierce competition situation, the Japanese die-casting mold industry is also efforts to reduce production costs. In the market scale, regardless of output or domestic demand to the Japanese recession is most obvious. Japanese mold manufacturers in the technology more attention to polishing and grinding process, the German mold manufacturers by improving the machining and discharge processing accuracy and efficiency to reduce the time to manual processing. Japan die-casting mold industry is gradually low-tech mold turned to low-cost areas of production, only in the production of high-tech products, Japan to accelerate the transfer of foreign trends, which makes Japan's domestic die-casting mold usage cut back.

  Analysis of Influencing Factors of Die - casting Mold

  First, the domestic die-casting mold in the use of raw materials above there are still many shortcomings; Second, the backward technology is China's die-casting mold industry has been a very large obstacle to the development of the die-casting mold industry, Third, China's die-casting mold industry supporting system is not perfect.