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China: The Biggest Mold-Tool Market
Jun 05, 2017

China mold and tool.jpg

To metal stampers that have not imported tools from China tool makers.

China now is the biggest market of molds and tools

China now the biggest mold and tool market.jpg

Main export area: The United State. Germany, Japan and India.

Powstar's first foreign customer came in 2007, now we are serving 

more than 200 regular customers from different countries.

The biggest tool package Powstar has handled: 25 tools for 400 T to 800 T presses.

The shortest T1 time(with 95% dimensions to spec.) Powstar has achieved is 3.5 weeks.

Want to be more competitive in your industries and markets? 

Send the RFQ with detailed 2D/3D to:

The professional and dedicated team will be providing an offer 

together with process proposal in 2 working days.

Author: Arden Wang