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Die-casting Mold Is One Of The Three Major Elements Of Die-casting Production
Jun 22, 2017

  Die-casting mold is one of the three major elements of die-casting production, the structure is correct and reasonable die-casting mold is the production of die-casting parts can be a prerequisite for the smooth, and to ensure the quality of casting (under the machine pass rate) plays an important role.

  Because of the characteristics of the die-casting process, the correct selection of the process parameters is the decisive factor for obtaining high-quality castings, and the mold is the prerequisite for the correct selection and adjustment of the process parameters. The mold design is essentially a variety of factors that may occur in die-casting production Comprehensive reflection. If the mold design is reasonable, in the actual production of the problems encountered less castings under the pass rate is high.

  On the contrary, die-casting mold design is unreasonable, such as: die-casting parts designed to move the fixed modulus of the package is basically the same, and pouring system mostly in the fixed mold, and placed after the punching punch can not feed the die-casting machine production, The die-cast parts are always stuck on the mold.

  Although the mold cavity clean finish playing very light, because the cavity deep, still appear on the fixed mold on the phenomenon. Therefore, in the mold design, we must fully analyze the structure of the casting, familiar with the operation of the die-casting machine, to understand the die-casting machine and process parameters to adjust the possibility of mastering the filling characteristics in different circumstances, and consider the die casting mold processing methods, Drilling and fixed form, to design a realistic, to meet the production requirements of the mold.

  At the beginning, it has been said that the filling time of the molten metal is extremely short, the specific pressure and the flow rate of the molten metal are very high, which is extremely poor for the die-casting mold, and the impact of the alternating heat Role, both die-casting mold life has a great impact. The service life of die-casting molds is usually referred to by the careful design and manufacture, under normal conditions of use, combined with good maintenance under the natural damage, can not be repaired before the scrapped, the die-casting modulus (including die-casting production In the number of waste).