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Die-casting Mould A Method Of Casting Liquid Forging
Sep 21, 2017

Die casting mold is a method of casting liquid die forging, a special die-casting die forging machine to complete the process. Its basic process is: metal liquid first low-speed or high-speed casting into the mold cavity, the mold has a movable cavity surface, it is with the metal liquid cooling process forging, both to eliminate the shrinkage of the blank Loose defects, but also to the internal organization of rough to forging the broken grain. The overall mechanical properties of the blank are significantly improved.

Die-casting mold is the three major elements of die-casting production, are indispensable. The so-called die-casting process is the three elements of the organic combination of the use of a stable rhythm and efficient to produce the appearance of good quality, size, pattern or agreement to meet the requirements of qualified castings, and even high-quality castings.

Castings used in the alloy is mainly non-ferrous alloys, as for ferrous metals (steel, iron, etc.) due to mold materials and other issues, the current use of less. The non-ferrous alloy die casting and aluminum alloy to use more widely, followed by zinc alloy. The following brief description of the situation of die-casting non-ferrous metals.

(1), die-casting non-ferrous alloy classification blocked shrinkage shrinkage shrinkage free shrinkage lead alloy ----- 0.2-0.3% 0.3-0.4% 0.4-0.5% low melting point alloy tin alloy zinc alloy -------- 0.3 -0.4% 0.4-0.6% 0.6-0.8% Aluminum-Silica Series - 0.3-0.5% 0.5-0.7% 0.7-0.9% Die Casting Non-Ferrous Alloy Aluminum Copper Aluminum-Magnesium Series --- 0.5-0.7% 0.7-0.9% 0.9-1.1% high melting point alloy aluminum zinc alloy magnesium alloy ---------- 0.5-0.7% 0.7-0.9% 0.9-1.1% copper alloy

(2), all kinds of die-casting alloy recommended casting temperature alloy type casting average wall thickness ≤ 3mm casting average wall thickness> 3mm structure simple structure complex structure simple structure complex.