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Die-casting Mould Processing Products Need To Continue To Innovate
Oct 09, 2017

Die-casting mould processing products need to continue to innovate

At present, China's die-casting mould market is more active, die-casting mould processing products will promote economic growth. Although China's mould industry started very early, the current development is also mature, but the technical level is also lacking, the domestic mould industry and foreign gap is very large.

Although China's die-casting mould has been to the international market, exports reached more than 30%, while the average annual growth rate of 18%. However, the overall situation from the mould production, there are many problems, low-end mould production is too large, the backlog of serious inventory, high-end mould production, need to import from abroad. Especially an important part of the precision mould gap is large, need to import. In view of this situation, the mould industry needs to achieve industrial upgrading, transformation of high-end mould production.

In the current market environment, the die-casting mould enterprises only use the existing advantages can not meet the modern trade process in the cost control and profit maximization requirements. Small enterprises continue to phase out, so that other enterprises are more concerned about the quality of products, and customer requirements consistent with each other. Whether it is the service life or casting quality can reach the international advanced level. Product quality qualified, while affordable, making the domestic die-casting mould industry in the international market share continues to increase.