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Die-casting Mould Three Latest Technology!
Aug 01, 2017

  Die-casting mould three latest technology!

  All kinds of die-casting mould surface treatment of new technologies continue to emerge, but in general can be divided into the following three categories:

  (1) the improvement of traditional heat treatment process technology;

  (2) surface modification technology, including surface thermal expansion treatment, surface phase transformation enhancement, EDM technology;

  (3) coating technology, including chemical plating and so on.

  Die-casting mould is a major category in the mould. With the rapid development of China's automobile and motorcycle industry, die-casting industry ushered in the development of a new era, but also on the die-casting mould comprehensive mechanical properties, life and so put forward higher requirements. To meet the ever-increasing use of performance requirements rely solely on the application of new mould materials is still difficult to meet, must be a variety of surface treatment technology applied to the die-casting mould surface treatment in order to achieve the die-casting mould high efficiency, high precision and high life requirements The In a variety of moulds, the working conditions of die-casting moulds are more harsh. Pressure casting is to make the molten metal in the high pressure, high speed filled with mould cavity and die-casting moulding, repeated in the course of work with the hot metal contact, so the die casting mould has a high thermal fatigue, thermal wear resistance, corrosion resistance , Impact toughness, red hardness, good mould release and so on. Therefore, the die-casting mould surface treatment technology requirements are higher.