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Hot Chamber Die Casting
Nov 11, 2016

Hot Chamber die casting, sometimes called the goose neck die-cast, it is molten liquid metal Ikenouchi, semi-liquid metal, which fills the mold under pressure. When the cycle starts, the machine piston is in a Contracting State when molten metal can fill goose neck part. Pneumatic or hydraulic piston extrusion of metal, will it fill the mold. The advantages of this system include circulation speed (approximately 15 cycles can be completed per minute) and easy to automate operations, while the metal melting process is also very convenient. High melting point of disadvantage including die-cast metal, also cannot die-cast aluminum, aluminum will melt pool out of the iron. Thus, General hot Chamber die casting machines for zinc, alloys of Tin and lead. Also, hot Chamber die casting difficult for die casting of large castings, typically this process is casting small castings.