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Injection Mold Complex Structure
May 12, 2017

How much time do you need to order your injection mold? Do injection mold need to pay attention to those points?

What time does it take to make an injection mold? Here we come to tell you about it

Do a plastic injection mold generally in a month or so. But also depending on the specific product of the mold, if the product structure is complex, or large products, the corresponding time will be longer, may be between 1-3 months are possible.

Injection mold Open to note:

Note the following:

1, plastic mold material According to the product material or mold life requirements, there are two kinds of hardness will generally be treated, one surface nitriding treatment, one quenching.

2, the mold in the cooling (water channel) and product size, shape, plastic properties, holding time and other factors related.

3, Injection mold the mold cavity cavity roughness is different, to match the corresponding draw film slope, or the product is difficult to mold, or strain the product surface. Positioning pin, mold surface and other parts of the roughness are standard.

4, plastic mold to have enough rigidity, or in the mold when the pressure generated deformation, causing "flash".

5, plastic mold to choose a reasonable exhaust location and the amount of control. Or cause plastic injection of dissatisfaction and the product "lack of material."

6, Injection mold the injection channel to choose a reasonable, so that material can reach every uniform (equal flow), and have enough reserves to ensure that plastic shrinkage process in the supply of plastic.

7, each material shrinkage coefficient is different, the mold should have a reasonable shrinkage.

8, choose a reasonable way to remove the mold, choose a reasonable position and number of mandrel to ensure that the product is not damaged during the top of the process.

9, mold and injection molding machine to be a reasonable way to be reliable, reliable and prevent the mold when the deformation caused by the accident. And to disassemble convenience.

How much time do you need to order your injection mold? Do injection mold need to pay attention to those points? Presumably through the above that we all understand it?