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Injection Molding Production Speed
May 12, 2017

Injection molding

Injection molding, also known as injection molding, it is a injection molding method. The advantages of injection molding method is the production speed, high efficiency, the operation can be automated, color varieties, the shape can be from simple to complex, size can be large to small, and the product size is accurate, easy to replace the product, can form complex Parts, injection molding for a large number of production and shape of complex products such as molding processing.

At a certain temperature, through the screw stirring completely molten plastic material, with high pressure into the mold cavity, after cooling and curing, to get the molding method. This method is suitable for batch production of complex parts, which is one of the important processing methods.

Injection molding Defects resolved

Injection molding process is a complex involving mold design, mold manufacturing, raw material properties and raw material pretreatment methods, molding process, injection molding machine operation and other factors, and with the processing environment conditions, product cooling time, post-processing process is closely related to the complex Manufacturing processes. Therefore, the quality of the product is not only depends on the quality of injection molding machine injection molding accuracy, measurement accuracy, or only by the merits of mold design and mold processing accuracy level, usually, it will be affected by the other factors and Restrictions.

Injection molding In such a large number of composite factor constraints, the emergence of defects in injection molded products is inevitable, so to find the inherent mechanism of defects and predictive products may produce defects in the location and type, and used to guide the mold design and improvement, induction defects It is very important to develop a more reasonable process operating conditions. We will from the impact of injection molding process of plastic materials, mold structure, injection molding process and injection molding equipment to explain the three main factors of injection molding defects and solutions.