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Judgment Of Annealing And Normalizing Defects In Die - Casting Mould
Oct 09, 2017

Judgment of Annealing and Normalizing Defects in Die - casting mould

1, the hardness is too high in the high hardness of carbon steel, often the annealing temperature is too high, the cooling rate is too fast. High carbon steel is more isothermal temperature is low, lack of insulation and so on.

2, reticular organization This organization appears in paralysis and eutectoid steel, hypoeutectoid steel appears in the ferritic ferrite, eutectoid steel appears in the network carbide, because the heating temperature is too high , The cooling rate is too slow, can be used to eliminate genuine fire.

3, decarburization When annealing or normalizing, in the air furnace, the workpiece is not gas protection heating, due to oxidation of metal surface and decarbonization.

4, graphite carbon graphite carbon is decomposed by carbides, mainly heating temperature is too high, the insulation time is too long caused. Steel appears in the graphite carbon will find the quenching hardness is low, soft, low strength, brittle, broken gray and black and other issues.

Discharge Machining Technology of Die - casting mould

In the processing of the point, there is a gap between the electrode and the electrode, you want to let the parts reach the regular value, you need to adjust the size of the electrode, which is called the amount of scaling, the amount of scaling is to ensure that the accuracy of die-casting mould condition.

EDM die-casting mould as an important technology in the plastic moulding has played a significant role. Many of the die-casting moulds are subjected to final processing for precise final operation.

If the product quality is good enough, the performance of the mould will become very good. On the contrary, if there is an abnormal question, it will affect the normal conduct, it is very serious, then there may be the risk of retirement. So it is very important to prevent this from happening.

With the parts of the processing of parts under normal circumstances can reach the best value, but die-casting mould parts of the exact processing of each different, if the processed product error in the specification value, it is attributed to substandard products.