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The Cracks In The Production Of Die-casting Mould Can Be Improved In This Way
Jul 19, 2017

  The cracks in the production of die-casting mould can be improved in this way

  In today's industrial production, whether it is through the die-casting mould production process, or other types of production processes, in its production are there are many security risks, for example, through the mold production will often appear cracks Of the problem, then the die-casting mould production in the cracks can be how to improve it?

  In the production of die-casting mould, if the problem of cracks is caused by the contraction of the stress, then in its production can be increased by fillet, check to see when there is hot, die-casting mould boost time to change or increase or shorten the time of clamping, This can solve the problem of cracks in production.

  In contrast to the above, if the problem of cracking in the production of the die-casting mould is cracked at the top or the edge, it can be seen by increasing the draft angle or the ejector pin in its production Whether the mold is dislocation, deformation of the problem, and check the alloy composition, die-casting mould in the inspection if the problem must be resolved in a timely manner, so as to be able to solve the production of cracks in the problem.