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The Influence Of The Design Of The Die - Casting Mould On The Casting
Oct 09, 2017

The influence of the design of the die - casting mould on the casting

Whether the die-casting mould design is reasonable or not will directly affect the shrinkage of plastic products, because the mould cavity size is determined by the size of the plastic product with the estimated shrinkage, and the shrinkage is made by the plastic manufacturer or engineering plastic manual It is recommended that a range of values, not only with the mould of the gate form, gate location and distribution, but also with the engineering plastics crystal orientation.

As the injection process is the plastic from the solid powder or pellets to the liquid melt and the process of transition to solid products. From the pellets to the melt, and then from the melt to the product, the middle through the temperature field, stress field, flow field and the role of density field, under the combined action of these fields, different plastic thermosetting or thermoplastic, crystalline or Non-crystalline, reinforced or non-reinforced, etc. have different polymer structure and rheological properties.

Any factors that affect the above-mentioned fields will affect the physical and mechanical properties, size, shape, accuracy and appearance quality of plastic products. In this way, the intrinsic relationship between the process factors and the properties of the polymer, the structural form and the plastic product is manifested through the plastic product. Analysis of these internal links, the rational development of injection moulding process, the rational design and drawings according to the drawings, and even a reasonable choice of injection moulding equipment are of great significance. Precision injection and general injection in the injection pressure and injection rate is also different, precision injection often used high pressure or ultra high pressure injection, high-speed injection to get a smaller moulding shrinkage.

Therefore, the design of precision injection mould in addition to considering the general design elements of the mould, we must also consider the following: ① the use of appropriate mould size tolerance; ② to prevent the formation of shrinkage shrinkage; ③ to prevent the occurrence of injection deformation; ④ to prevent the occurrence of stripping deformation ; ⑤ make mould manufacturing error to a minimum; ⑥ to prevent the accuracy of the mould error; ⑦ to maintain the accuracy of the mould.