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What Is The Difference Between Injection Mold Processing And Blowing Mould Processing?
Oct 19, 2017

blowing moulding and injection molding processing, mold products are two kinds of injection mold processing technology. Although the blowing moulding and injection molding process is only the same word, but they are two plastic molding process, the processing conditions and processing conditions of raw materials are not the same. So you know what is the difference between injection mold processing and blowing mould processing?

First to introduce the concept of blowing moulding mold, blowing moulding, also known as hollow blowing moulding, is a rapid development of plastic processing methods. Thermoplastic resin by extrusion or injection molding of the tubular plastic parison, while the plastic embryo heated to softened state, placed in the open mold, close the mold immediately after the compressed air into the parison, the plastic parison inflation And close to the inner wall of the mold, after cooling stripping, that is, you want to get a variety of hollow products.

Blown film manufacturing process in principle and hollow products blowing moulding is very similar, but it does not use mold, which is completely different from the injection molding mold, plastic processing technology from the point of view, blowing moulding film molding process is usually included in the squeeze from. However, according to the parison production method, blowing moulding can be divided into extrusion blowing moulding and injection blowing moulding, the new development of the multi-layer blowing moulding and stretch blowing moulding.

Injection mold processing concept, that is, thermoplastic plastic injection molding, this method is to plastic plastic material melting, and then into the film cavity. Once the molten plastic enters the mold, it is shaped by the cold mold cavity into a desired shape. The shape of which is often the final product, in the installation or use as the final product before the need for other processing. Moreover, in the injection mold processing, there are many details, such as the boss, ribs, threads, can be molded in the injection molding step in the shape out. In the case of

The above understanding of the concept between the two, in fact, blowing mould processing and injection mold processing is the main difference in the product of the difference between the blowing moulding process is to use the gas to form the product, the need for injection molding is generally used Do relatively thick products. blowing moulding is different, because the product is thin, more transparent, slightly shortcomings is very obvious. So require a higher, and blowing moulding on the toughness of raw materials, stretch, etc. have some requirements. Processing of injection mold products thicker, relatively lower requirements, and the requirements of raw materials is also low.