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Why Choose A Reliable Tool Supplier As Powstar Is Of Great Importance
Aug 04, 2017

Why choose a reliable tool supplier as Powstar is of great importance

Many die problems arise from the lack of execution from bolth the design and build standpoint.  The choice of tool steelsmay be inadequate for the application.  Consider powder metal steel, specialty steel or carbide.  The heat treatment of the tool steel may be suspect or cycles shortened to expedite completion.  The tool steels may not have been stress relieved after wire EDM machining.  Attempting to perform several operations in one station may present quality issues.  Improperly threaded holes and lack of countersunk holes present other issues such as loose retainers, stripper plates or broken punch heads.  In die maintenance, fasteners should be replaced after torquing several times.  Stainless steel fasteners should be used when stamping high strength alloys.  Avoid press fit of hardened components into hardened retainers.  These are just some issues that can arise in a complex environment.  All auxiliarly equipment such as servo feeds, stock straighteners and the press itself all contribute to success or failure...

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Do you have a plan to outsource Stamping tool&dies to a China toolmaker?

Do you know how to find out the most suitable Chinese toolmaker among the many suppliers?

-The most critical factors to consider are "people", "experience", "team", “management system” and “equipment”.

POWSTAR has more than 19 years of history, and our senior engineers, toolmakers and CNC programmers have more than 10 years of experience. We know how to design tools to ensure product quality, maximum material utilization, tool precision, stability and easy operation. All tools will be 100% guaranteed smooth and long-term stable production in your factory with long duration.

1. Design: The core of building a successful tool is "design". For intricate parts with difficulty in forming, we will do CAE analysis before die design to work out high-quality tools. Our analysis experts and engineers have over 10 years of experience, and the design of each project will be reviewed by the whole engineering team composed of these top high-tech talents. Before making the tools, we are very clear how to design them with the best solution, so as to enable tool precision, as well as subsequent smooth running of stable production.

2. Incoming material: After die design confirmation, the material procurement starts immediately. We have the best material suppliers that have passed our strict screening and worked together for more than 15 years. All raw materials must comply with the material certification standards, and will be tested before entering our factory, to ensure that steel materials of your project are of high quality and standard.

3. Standard parts: All standard parts we purchase for the tool are original brands as requested by the customer.

4. Tool processing: Our CNC programmers have over 10 years of programming experience. They utilize the latest CAD software to create accurate programs that are fed directly to our Wire-Cut EDMs and CNC machining centers, without operator intervention. Make sure that security and high precision requirements are met.

5. Assembly: After the die components are finished with qualified CMM inspection, our skilled toolmakers will perform the final tool assembly and fitting. They have over 10 years rich experience that are able to find out tool problems from all aspects in a timely and correct manner, and put forward improvement solutions.

6. Debugging: When the tool is finished build, our experienced tuning engineers will set the perfect working condition to ensure that the die works well in the press and can 100% provide quality parts efficiently.

7. Dimension Inspection: After tool try-out, the samples will be sent to do CMM testing by our QC team. All dimensions on the part will be ensured to be 100% good, and samples together with inspection report will be sent to you as soon as possible.

8. Shipping and packaging: The tools will be shipped in strong export wooden packing with steel protectors fixed outside to ensure all the tools are in good condition on arrival to your facility safely and quickly.

9. Training: Every year we would specially invite some top industry experts with rich experience to train our engineers and workers, so as to constantly improve their skills.

10. Staff stability: We offer high salary, good opportunity and extra care to all employees, so that our staff is very stable. In other factories, the project staff may be replaced when you come again, which is not good for smooth progress of your project.

11. Corporate culture: POWSTAR’s culture of “Striving for Excellence in quality & service” makes us to create top quality toolings, with which we have built our successful reputation on total customer satisfaction of cost-effectiveness, quality, service and delivery.

12. Management: Our entire factory strictly carries out high standard management systems identical with Japan on every production procedure and quality control.

13. Reputation: For 19 years, the consistent high praise of our tools we win from the new and old customers is: easy operated, smooth running with stability, long duration, top quality and service!

If the supplier can meet all the requirements, there is no reason to miss it!