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Home Appliances Injection Mould

Home Appliances Injection Mould

We are one of leading injection mold manufactures in Shenzhen China for 19 year, we mainly served Small home appliance, Electronics product, and Medical equipment globally. With terminal customer: BOSCH, Electrolux, Philip, Gree, Siemens, HP, etc. We offer our customers significant advantages in terms of Quality, Cost, Lead time, Service A brief introduction about our current service&capacity: Hot-runner molds; 2k molds; molds; Unscrewing molds etc. Maximum capacity:80 sets/monthly ; Maximum mold size: 1200mm*1000mm*1000mm Max. mold weight: 4 ton

Product Details

Home Appliance plastic housing injection mold and parts maker

We currently design and manufacturing molds for coffer maker, water kettle, hair dryer, Bread machine, water filter, Copiers, Printers etc.

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1. Before the accurate quotation, what documents are required by Powstar ?

a. 2D/3D part drawing. (step,stp,igs,x_t format is more preferred)

b. Mold steel; Mold shot life ; Number of Cavity ; Mold standard parts ; Mold surface requirement

c.  Injection machine data.

2. Once project approved, How Powstar team handle projects together? 

After the orders are placed, A Special project team with two 10-years-experienced engineers,1 project manager, 

1 QA manager,1 QC manager,1 production controller. Also sales will always keep an eye on it.


Project Mgr will supervise the whole tooling process.

Engineer Mgr will arrange the orders in the prodcution sheet.Materials purchasing starts immediately.

Production controller goes to workshops and checks detail everyday to see if things are going on well.

Sales will provide Tooling manufacturing schedule, Progress chart on every Wednesday.

QC will have strict inspection from the mold design to the mold packaging.

Even you are far away from our manufacturing site, we usually take photos/videos for tool building,

tryout, shipping and send to you via WeTransfer, so you can monitor just like on site.

3.What's your general Lead time ?

a. General Lead time : DFM(2 days)‐‐‐ Mold design 2D(2days)‐‐‐ Mold design 3D (3 days) From Materials 

Ordering to T1 sample(4‐6 weeks)

b. A progress chart will be updated to you weekly to show what step we are in mold building.

To help you monitor the whole manufacturing process progress, a tight and well planned schedule are 

supposed be submitted and a weekly report with digital pictures will be provided. 

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