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Auto Car Metal Clamp Part Transfer Die

Auto Car Metal Clamp Part Transfer Die

Auto Car Metal Clamp Part Transfer Die

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Why Transfer Die?

Large parts that require transfer among several presses for completion

Frames and structural components


Tube applications

Sheet metal forming in medium-high volume production environments is often completed through the use of a Transfer Press operating a number of dies as a complete system. Each die in the system is responsible for adding more shape to the part until the metal work piece attains its final shape. What makes transfer stamping unique is that a single press operates a number of tools, the movement of the sheet metal work piece from one operation to the next is performed by automation either built into the press or onto the dies. With each closing of the press the entire system of tools will close, each performing its designed work to the sheet metal. Upon opening the built in transfer mechanism moves the workpiece from one operation to the next in the sequence.

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