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Automotive Transfer Press Metal Stamping Die

Automotive Transfer Press Metal Stamping Die

Automotive Transfer Press Metal Stamping Die

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Why Use a Transfer?

Often, customers requesting a die specify a transfer-type die for the following reasons:

1. The customer has a transfer press or a press equipped with a transfer system and wants to keep the system busy with a number of parts.

2. The part size dictates the use of a transfer system as opposed to a progressive system.

3. The volume is high enough to preclude the use of line, or stage, processing.

4. Cost reductions are required on the part to stay competitive.

Other reasons for requesting a transfer die may include the following:

1. Material savings of very thick or expensive material such as stainless or high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel can be increased. This savings can be significant, depending on the volume.

2. The part rotation required to produce a part cannot be done in a progressive die. (A transfer system can rotate as much as 180 degrees in a front-to-back axis as compared to a maximum of about 90 degrees with progressive-type dies.) This part rotation might be required because of burr locations or if the part shape makes access specific operations difficult.

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