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China Factory Transfer Stamping Die

China Factory Transfer Stamping Die

China Factory Transfer Stamping Die

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To begin designing transfer die properly, a designer needs several pieces of information. They are:

1. Press specifications—tonnage, bed size, strokes per minute (fixed or variable), stroke length, shut height, type of drive, scrap opening locations, size of windows.

2. Transfer specifications—make, type of drive (servo or mechanical), pitch length (minimum and maximum), clamp length (minimum and maximum), lift height (minimum and maximum), speed or control limitations, weight of bar and fingers (if available), length of part life in years.

3. Part specifications—material, thickness, complete data on part shape, tolerances, volume required per hour/day/month.

4. Miscellaneous information—quick die change system with description, frequency of changeover, feed method (coil or blank) and the feed method's accuracy, drop-off or finished part, lubrication specifications and amount, critical finish areas.

5. Sample parts or sight model—either styrofoam or wood.

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